My OS History

I’ve found some old blog posts about installing Debian Linux on my notebook in July 2006. So, I decided to visualize my OS history. Some dates, especially those before 2003, are estimated.

These are only operating system which I have used longer than five months.

my OS history

Ol’ Days, New Days

Yes, I returned to WordPress. There are several reasons. Firstly, I was too lazy to convert WordPress themes to s9y (my previous blog software) and I wanted to try out the new version of WordPress. I’m astonished. The installation is easier than it was in 2004, and even then, it was foolproof. The UI is very intuitive and simple.

I’ve blogged about lot of things from cyberpunk to privacy. Like at my first blogs I don’t want focus strictly on one or two topics. I’ll blog about topics that interests me. I don’t care if it’s an interesting statistic, a provocative philosophy or a funny movie.