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Yesterday, I read about a great site called It’s a site for collaborative writing. That isn’t something new by itself but this site is well executed. You have 5 minutes for writing a paragraph and one minute for proof-reading it. What I especially love is that the community is still quite small but active. Also the amount of trolling seems to be very low. This leads to some pretty good stories. Here’s probably my favorite. It’s a comedy called The Activity Club. It’s only a few paragraphs long, so go ahead and read it. One problem is that stories don’t tend to end because there’s no length specified. So, one writer may want to bend the story to go to the end while the other tries to lengthen it. This could be a great addition, maybe with variable length?

A few years ago I used a similar site which wasn’t that well executed but was nonetheless fun. I think it’s a gentle way to get into writing because you don’t have to pressure to do all the work. Post a line and you’re done – just 6 minutes of writing, that’s it.

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