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Everyone has ideas, a few ones are great and some people have successfully implemented great ideas. I want to say something about collecting ideas and implementing them.

Collecting ideas is a very crucial activity. Ideas are volatile so you should write them down as soon as possible. An easy but effective tool is a pen and paper. You can comfortably put a little piece of paper and a short pencil into your wallet. That’s all.
Well, twenty little snippets with scribbles aren’t very manageable. I recommend to buy a notepad.
You have your snippets and a notepad, now you can begin to structure your idea. Write down some small sentences maybe other ideas or features in respect of your main idea. It is important that you don’t reject your idea too early!

Ideas are only imaginary, therefore you should implement them. Take a look into your notepad. Is there anything which is worth implementing?

I’ll write later about implementing ideas. Just begin your collection and collect ideas!

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