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Just raw information, is this enough?

  • Q: Is this enough?
  • A: No.
  • Q: Why write more?
  • A: People remember natural conversations better.
  • Q: But information is important!
  • A: Yes, so is communication.

So, is this true? Yep. Maybe you know some of this memory techniques. Some are base upon the idea of forming sentences.
Try to remember these seven words: flower, pizza, guitar, couch, fire, cookie and Vienna.
You can try to repeat this words over and over but there’s an easier way. Form a sentence. The more bizarre the better.
A little cookie is sitting on a couch at a campfire in Vienna while he’s playing the guitar. He’s holding a stick which is attached to the pizza which is topped with flowers.

While reading this little story you’ll imagine this scene with a little cookie playing guitar. This will simplify your remembering.

  • OK, raw information is insufficient.
  • Yes.
  • But why don’t you shoot a movie instead of posting articles on a blog?
  • *runs*
  • Hello? Is there anybody?

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