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My Way to PHP: Day 31-32 of 75

I decided to make less posts but longer one, i.e. I try to accumulate enough content.

Standardization, the Symfony Way

  • The debug component looks pretty good. It can be easily integrated in other PHP projects.

  • StreamedResponse class for streaming

  • HttpCache = reverse proxy written in PHP

Your code sucks, lets fix it!

  • Readable? Testable? Maintanable? Reusable?

  • Objects Calistetics = Exercises for OOP

  1. One identitation level per method

  2. Don’t use the else statement

  3. Do not abbreviate

  4. Keep your classes small (200 lines per class, 10 methods per class, 15 classes per package)

  5. Limit the number of instance variables


Good talk!


Updates Goals:

  • Learn Symfony2
  • Learn a bit more about MySQL
  • Write at least one web app using Symfony2 and its core components (templating, testing, forms, validation, security)
  • Watch one video per day on average

Progress status

In Progress

  • Watch one video per day on average [64 of 75]

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