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My Way to PHP: Day 33-35 of 75

Decouple your application with (Domain-)Events


  • Big controllers

  • Big models

  • No abstraction of business rules


  • “A significant change of state”

  • No return value

  • No way to stop the execution

  • Use eventDispatcher

  • Event as state approach (enables event sourcing)



The Internet is your Application Blueprint


  • The internet is designed as a decoupled s ystem

  • Why are we building monolithic systems?

  • The return of SOA

  • Comment as a Service (FB, Disque)

  • Authorization as a Service (FB, Twitter, OpenID)

  • Video as a Service (Youtube, Vimeo)

  • Plattform as a Service (AWS, Heroku)

  • Think in protocols / interfaces instead of implementations


The Clean Code Talks – “Global State and Singletons”

  • “It never said that it needed that” (regarding the lack of DI and use of Singletons)


Simplify your code with annotations

  • @Route also able to add

  • Requirements

  • Name

  • Method

  • @Security with has_role()

  • @ParamConverter to convert request parameters to objects

  • @Assert for Validation

  • @Service and @Cache


The sound and video isn’t that good sadly.

Diving Deep Into Twig

The video starts off with a simple overview over Twig and goes into creating own extensions. I’m again surprised how simple this is. The main part is an introduction into the workflow of the Twig compiler.

You could also use Twig templates with meta programming and just compile heavy compilations once and let them generate by Twig.

Updates Goals:

  • Learn Symfony2
  • Learn a bit more about MySQL
  • Write at least one web app using Symfony2 and its core components (templating, testing, forms, validation, security)
  • Watch one video per day on average

Progress status

In Progress

  • Watch one video per day on average [69 of 75]

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