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Reading Kaushik (Part 6): Competitive Analysis

Competitive Intelligence Analysis: Metrics, Tips & Best Practices

  • What not to do?
    1. Comparing conversion rates is hard: different business strategies
    2. Pages / Content viewed is too individual and doesn’t really matter
  • What to do?
    1. Share of Visits by your industry
    2. Compare “up and downstream” against competition
    3. Share of Search traffic
    4. Share of brand and category key phrases
    5. Discover new search key phrases
    6. Traffic by media mix
    7. Psychographic analysis

The Definitive Guide To (8) Competitive Intelligence Data Sources!

  1. Toolbar data: e.g. Alexa
  2. Panel data: comScore, Nielsen
  3. ISP (Network) data: Hitwise, Compete
  4. Search Engine data: Google AdWords, Keyword Tool, Search-based Keyword Tool, Insights for Search, Microsoft adCenter Labs
  5. Benchmarks from WA vendors: Fireclick, Coremetrics and GA
  6. Self-reported data: Quantcast, Google AdPlanner
  7. Hybrid Data: Google Trends, Compete, DoubleClick AdPlanner
  8. External VOC data: iPerceptions, ACSI

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