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Reading Kaushik (Part 9 / End): Digital Careers

Top Ten: Signs You Are A Great Analyst

  1. Used more than one WA tool extensively
  2. You inform yourself everyday about WA
  3. You look at the website first
  4. Your approach is Customer Centric
  5. Understand how data is collected
  6. You are comfortable in the quantitative and qualitative world
  7. You are curious and don’t have problems with challenges
  8. You can adjust your talk to your audience
  9. You don’t neglect the big picture and be able to communicate difficult concepts
  10. You do more than just what are you told to
  11. You have patience with people adopting the “new” mindset

How Should Web Analysts Spend Their Day?

  • 20% Reporting
  • 20% Analyze Acquisition Strategies
  • 20% Understanding On-site Customer Experience
  • 20% Staying Plugged into the Context
  • 10% Explore New Strategic Options
  • 10% Bathroom breaks, oh and lunch!

Hiring? What Works: Fresh blood or old hands? Experience or Novicity?

  • The web moves at a rapid pace, everything new is old quickly. So what counts?
    1. You actually get the web
    2. You are a inherently flexible being
    3. Change will not kill you
    4. You are a critical thinker
  • Hire new person or somebody with experience? Depends on the maturity of your WA program

I Wish I’d Known That. [Digital Analytics Edition.]

  1. An obsession with tools & implementations will kill you
  2. Your analytics skills aren’t the most important
  3. Obsess about Outcomes
  4. Be pragmatic
  5. Be agile, try new stuff
  6. It takes a long time to get great

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