#58/111: Startup from the Ground Up

What is it about?

Cynthia Kocialski writes about starting a startup from the idea to the exit. She focuses on venture-backed tech startups.

What can I learn?

Hire college students: This is a great source for hiring people. They are mostly open to new experiences and eager to learn and try new things. Furthermore, they are affordable.

Your Team is king: Angel investors bet often on the jockey (team) instead of on the horse (product). Why? One great example is the team behind PayPal. They started of building a payment and cryptography product for the Palm. Today you know PayPal as a service for online payments. The successfully transformed their company.


I found this book a bit weak and short. You have to consider that it is focused on venture-backed startups. But would you just read such a short book if you are going to have $500k – $5m in founding? Probably not. If you’re interested in this topic, I would recommend start reading The Art of Start by Guy Kawasaki.

#1/111: Screw it, Let’s do it

What is it about?

You probably know Richard Branson or at least Virgin. This book is about his life, his business and his family. He talks about Student, one of his first businesses and some of his adventures, like flying around the world in a balloon.

Key points?

He recommends you to live the life to the fullest. You should do things you love. Be happy!


All in all a nice book if you want to learn about Richard Branson, his unconventional methods or just want some motivation.