Windows vs. Linux


What? Did you really think I would begin an OS war? It’s about OS wars, Editor wars, Browser wars etc., that’s right. Just to say it directly: $Foo wars are annoying.
Yep, you love your editor and you think that everyone should use it because it’s the world’s most awesome editor ever. It’s OK, write a blog post about it, show its fancy features but please, be factual.

It isn’t cool to say Windoze.
Furthermore, such wars are kind of useless because there’s no real outcome. And does it really matter if somebody is using emacs or vim? (This question is 100% rhetorical!)

A similar phenomenon is $foo killer.
What the, oh no here’s the IPod Killer! Run, run, run, here’s the Google Killer!
I would have inserted a quote by Guy Kawasaki if I had found it while browsing in The Art Of Start. Nonetheless, I found a book called Why Killer Products Don’t Sell. I think the title speaks for itself.