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Yes, well done!

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Imagine: There’s a strange new game. Every participant earns ten million dollars per month. The only requirement is that they have go working. You are attending this game. Which profession will you choose?

Yes, this is a variation of the famous one billion dollar question. But is this enough? I don’t think so.

Maybe people decide to get any work because they are rich. They don’t care whether they like it or not. Maybe they won’t change their jobs because they want continue working with their colleagues.
But if I change this game and remove this requirement what will happen now?
Some people will continue working others won’t.

Yes, there are people who can live happily without their dream job because their dream is not about their job rather their private life.
I think that there are two extreme parts. People who live their complete life for their job and people who live their complete life for their private life.

I think it’s important that you have goals in your life. It doesn’t depend if they are vocational or private.

It is important that you can look back and say “Yes, well done!”

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