in 111 Books in 2011

#2/111: The Art of Non-Conformity

What is it about?

In my opinion it is about questioning existing behavior. Do we have to go the graduate school? Do we have to get a real job? Do we have to stay in the same country we were born?

Key points?

It is not bad to do things for yourself. It is also not bad to do things for others. Try to leave an imprint. Don’t ask for permission!


I really love this book. Firstly, it is very well written and it doesn’t sound like one of this “LOOK! I will change everything, and you Sir! You will be a billionaire tomorrow!” books. Although I wouldn’t recommend everyone to reading this. Some will be disturbed or thinking that he is a lunatic. Read it if your are really open for new ideas.

For a short introduction in his idea, read A Brief Guide to World Domination. (free)

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