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#38/111: Riches in Niches

What is it about?

How to thrive at being a niche entrepreneur? Susan Friedmann focuses on service businesses and embraces promotion, promotion and promotion.

Key points?

GEL – Growing, Experience, Love: Consider these three things if you look for a niche. Firstly, the industry should be growing, e.g. elderly care. Secondly, it’s easier to work with your existing knowledge than to learn everything new. Thirdly, choose a niche that you love because it will be hard enough to be motivated the years building your business.

Be an expert: The first step in being a nichepreneur is to build credibility. Learn as much as you can about your niche and share this knowledge. Write a blog, offer webinars, offer seminars or even write a book. This will help your recognition as an expert.

Cultivate your contact with the media: For even greater exposure try to publicize in industry magazines or even regional newspapers. Try to stay in touch with journalists or editors, if you gave them once useful great advice, they will probably contact you in the future.


This book gives a nice view on marketing from an other perspective. I think it works extremely good if you offer your expertise as a service, e.g. coaches, consultants, attorneys, etc. For product companies the most important lesson is to offer free useful information to your customers and prospects.

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