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Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity

Currently I’m not overloaded with work therefore I have much time. I use this circumstance to read some books.

Presentation Zen book cover by Gábor Hojtsy

This time I’ve read, you may already guessed, Presentation Zen. Firstly, I was surprised that this book really contains a scientific presentation. Most of the times you read great tips for this and that but they only work for shallow content.
The main statements are simple yet powerful.

  • Use your slides as support to your speech
  • Don’t overload your slides
  • Use pictures
  • Simplify your slides
  • Be authentic

Garr Reynolds explains these points in detail with many images and stories. In conclusion, this book is written with its own guidelines in mind and that’s enjoyable. Though a bit disturbing is his apple-fanboyism.

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