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Domain-Driven Design

One of my super short reviews on the books I read in my My Way to PHP series.

Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software by Eric Evans

You probably heard of the term Domain-Driven Design or DDD before. domaindrivendesignThis is the book which started it all.

It’s a pattern book in essence. Eric Evans seems very fond of Martin Fowler and you experience it while reading. I liked that he presented the patterns in a well embedded context and didn’t focus too much on being a pattern book. Instead you are reading a story of how to design software.

The book could have been shorter, that is the main insights – in my opinion – are in the first hundred or so pages. The idea that you try to establish a ubiquitous language and design a system near to the business you’re trying to support.

It goes into quite lengthy explanations into some topics which don’t need the explanation. But I never felt that he left me behind – which some writers do.

Nonetheless, I think it’s a good book and worth a read.

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