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Just an experiment: AdSense

You’ve probably see that I included ads on this blog. It’s just an experiment and I wanted to test it.

The process

You start by writing your application for Adsense. This includes your blog address (which has to be hosted on a top level domain, e.g. and your private address. Then you have to wait. I waited about 5 days until I got a response. So check the adsense page  every day once. If Google approves you you can go to the next step.


Integration is super easy  if you use the Google Publisher Plugin. All you got to do is install it and then connect your blog with your Adsense account. This takes maybe 30 – 60 seconds.

Now you can add ad spaces. I just took the recommended setting but you can choose your individual placement. And that’s it. Now you have to wait again until your ads spaces get approved.


Currently, I want to test this setting for 30 days, just to see if it makes any money. I’m thinking about donations because I know of a few people who are grateful for my content, especially the solutions to the algorithm design manual.