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Landing Page: Laptop 15 inch

I found this post in my drafts. No idea why I never posted it. It is two years old, still interesting. Enjoy.

I was just surfing the web and was interested in current laptops. I’m currently using a 15.4 inch MBP and just wanted to know which laptops are currently available, how much they cost and which specs they have.

So, I entered into google “laptop 15 inch” and got this result:

(You can click on the picture to get the full size version)

Three main ads, tons of ads on the right side, one organic result from amazon and some results from Google’s product search.

Let’s check the first result from intel:

I was presented with a loading screen and the slogan “You control the journey. YOU decide, but choose quickly before time runs out.” What?

I just wanted to see 15 inch notebooks ad not making life-threating decisions. Therefore, I scrolled down, saw the quite cool looking Ultrabook and a link to the shop.

Surely, I understand that this was more a branding campaign but waiting about 15 seconds before the flash stuff loads, I just a little bit too much in my opinion.

The next result was from tesco:

Oh yeah! I get tons of laptops with a price and rating. Even got a filter on the right if I want to narrow my search. I would also get 10 GBP off, if I enter the Coupon code. Not bad.

The last ad was from pcworld:

This site welcomes me with the great slogan “We have a computer that is right for you.” Great! I want a 15 inch laptop! I scroll down to the screen size selection:

Okay. Ultraportable up to 13″, Full size PCs, standard laptops up to 14.9″ and entertainment laptops with 17″ and over. Hold your horses! I wanted a 15″ laptop?!

The fun thing is that if you click on the “View all HP laptops” banner, you get selection laptops between 15″ and less than 17″ inch.

One last bonus, the first organic result from

Yep, laptop bags. I don’t know why but laptop bags.

Sure, this was a bit unfair. It’s was a relative broad term. Assume that I selected the Asus Zenbook UX32VD with the Intel Core i7 and 4GB Ram. I think that’s specific enough. My search term is “asus zenbook ux32bd i7 4gb ram”

Okay, we get one ad from pcworld, some organic results, Google’s product search and some ads on the right.

Look again at pcworld:

Cool, we get a useful results. The Zenbooks start at the 8th item but are still on the page. Good enough!

The fun thing is that the first two organic results are dedicated pages to this version of the Zenbook. And Google’s product search, does it really well.

Look at this. I got a picture, a rating, the right version and a comparison of online shops with seller ratings and price.

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