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Dice by Darren Hester

Motion-Twin who are developing haXe have released a new game called My Brute. There are two goals in this game. Firstly, you fight against other players (3 times per day). Secondly, you should motivate people to play this game with you as their referee. It’s a neat little game. A main problem is that referee stuff. Many people create simple bots to increase the amount of their referees (called pupils) to get more powerful. Also, I heard that there are vulnerabilities on client side. That’s a no-go for flash games. Users can manipulate their memory to gain even more power.
Apart from that I love the main idea. You “play” a random character against other players. Sure, it’s just a extended version of games of dice.
It’s a pity that no strategy really helps and that you can only play three times per day.

I’d like to see a improved version without this referee stuff and an other fight system. You should fight as long as you want to, respectively, your character is able fight. E.g. you can fight as long as your life points are greater than zero otherwise you must wait four hours. And you mustn’t fight against characters with a much lower level than yours.

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