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My Way to PHP: Day 21 of 75

Day 21, I just published yesterday’s notes and one of my backlog posts. My goal today is reading another 50 pages. That would mean page 153 which is just at the end of the chapter about validation.

Pretty cool, doctrine supports lifecycle callbacks!

Validation is also nifty. For once, it comes with tons of options out of the box (from the simple and expected ones like e-mail addresses and ranges, to more complex ones like isbn or cc schemas).

You can also write your own validators pretty easily!

I’m taking out i18n and caching from my goals. I just read through the chapters and I think that’s a nice skill to have but not a must have. Caching is probably the more important one but the interesting isn’t that great to go into depth, yet.

So done with that book. Really good book for a framework! Tomorrow, I’m going to start reading through the Cookbook, then the best practices and then the reading will slow down and I will start creating again, yeah!

Updates Goals:

  • Learn Symfony2
  • Learn a bit more about MySQL
  • Write at least one web app using Symfony2 and its core components (templating, testing, forms, validation, security)
  • Watch one video per day on average

Progress status


  • Read Symfony2 the Book [done]

In Progress

  • Watch one video per day on average [52 of 75]

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