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My Way to PHP: Day 36-39 of 75

PHP Annotations: They Exist!

An annotation is a note that is made while reading any form of book or text


  • With PHP 5.1 getDocCoumments() was introduced

  • Get the configuration near the code

The rest of the talk are examples on how to use annotations and write your own ones with the Doctrine engine.


The Myth of the Genius Programmer

  • The myth of writing brilliant code and then reveal it to the world

  • Software is a community process / team effort

There’s a lot cultural stuff in it – I’d even say most of it.

The critique at around 45 minutes is great and perfectly summarizes the problems with the talk itself. Also interesting to see their reaction to that. It feels that they broke down in the Q&A session. Very interesting, indeed.


The Naked Bundle

  • Noback’s principle: Code shouldn’t rely on things it doesn’t need

  • Thus, code shouldn’t rely on a framework’s convention

  • You recognize a framework by the conventions

  • The problem with the bundle approach is that the code isn’t easily reusable outside of Symfony

  • The rest of the talk focuses on getting rid of implicit conventions and make things explicit

Really interesting talk! If you know my background most of my development wasn’t using web frameworks. I often used micro frameworks to just connect the end points. Therefore, my approach is just different. I talk about that a lot of times before yet I still think an application should be nearly independent of its presentation. And a good framework should allow to easily connect a commandline application to the web.


Decoupling with Design Patterns and Symfony2 DIC


There’s no single solution to extensibility. Because extensibility is not a single problem.

Interesting talk. Probably, one of the first talks about design patterns which actually uses them as a tool.



Updates Goals:

  • Learn Symfony2
  • Learn a bit more about MySQL
  • Write at least one web app using Symfony2 and its core components (templating, testing, forms, validation, security)
  • Watch one video per day on average

Progress status

In Progress

  • Watch one video per day on average [73 of 75]

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