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My Way to PHP: Day 49-60 of 75

I don’t really know what I should be talking about while developing. Because I lost my old data I reinstalled PHPStorm. Downloaded php and git with chocolatey.

Next I installed Symfony2 with composer. Then included it into PHPStorm, added the plugin and installed all the other requirements. I use EasyPHP for development which works pretty good. Then finally I changed the PHP.ini and started to outline the controller.

Originally, I wanted to do the main portion of coding this week. Now, I’m sick and in bed most of the time. Funnily, enough I coded some PHP in the meanwhile – mostly changing some WordPress plugins and stuff.

I’m seriously considering not completing the challenge. The thing is that I could hack down my Symfony app in one day if I would want to. But then, why should I. What’s the end in it. It don’t get the pleasure of completing arbitrary goals anymore I did a few years ago. Now, I rather spend my time to either some pleasurable or impactful. In a sense of solving some problem.

Maybe, when I get incredibly bored I think about it again but the outlook is that I don’t finish it. Let’s see.


Updates Goals

In Progress

  • Write at least one web app using Symfony2 and its core components (templating, testing, forms, validation, security)

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