Just raw information, is this enough?

  • Q: Is this enough?
  • A: No.
  • Q: Why write more?
  • A: People remember natural conversations better.
  • Q: But information is important!
  • A: Yes, so is communication.

So, is this true? Yep. Maybe you know some of this memory techniques. Some are base upon the idea of forming sentences.
Try to remember these seven words: flower, pizza, guitar, couch, fire, cookie and Vienna.
You can try to repeat this words over and over but there’s an easier way. Form a sentence. The more bizarre the better.
A little cookie is sitting on a couch at a campfire in Vienna while he’s playing the guitar. He’s holding a stick which is attached to the pizza which is topped with flowers.

While reading this little story you’ll imagine this scene with a little cookie playing guitar. This will simplify your remembering.

  • OK, raw information is insufficient.
  • Yes.
  • But why don’t you shoot a movie instead of posting articles on a blog?
  • *runs*
  • Hello? Is there anybody?

cogito ergo sum.

“New research by American oldness profs has revealed that senior citizens who believe that age affects memory are self-fulfilling prophets. They score much worse on memory tests than those who don’t believe in decline with age” —Oldsters: If you think you’ll lose your memory, you will

That’s informative. I’m convinced that you can achieve nearly anything if you really want to. The other way around it also works according to this article.
Therefore, if you are very pessimistic you’ll probably see more bad things than other people. And if you are very optimistic you’ll probably see more good things than other people.

In conclusion, pursue your goals in life, believe in yourself and be a bit optimistic.