#78/111: Smarter, Faster, Cheaper

What is it about?

Smarter, Faster, Cheaper marketing? David Siteman Garland thinks that he found the solution to a lot of problems in marketing for small business/startup founders.

What can I learn?

Relationships can’t be outsourced: There’s a nice analogy in the book. Would you send your intern to a lunch with your customers instead of going for yourself? No? Then don’t outsource your social media present to your intern.

Building authority takes time: It certainly does. Do expect 25,000 hits per day and seven speech invitations in the first month. Let’s take for example 37signals which took about 5 years to become famous. Try to provide information in regular intervals, comment on other blogs and write guest posts and you will see that they will come.

Go offline: This is a refreshing point for a social media book. Online isn’t everything. Invite your customers to a lunch. Send thank you cards. You can be smart, fast and cheap even in offline marketing.


Smarter, Faster, Cheaper is a solid book. I said it a time ago and say it again: There isn’t so much new in the social media sector. I wouldn’t say that you shouldn’t buy this book. A lot of people love it. It’s okay.