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Modernizing Legacy Applications in PHP

One of my super short reviews on the books I read in my My Way to PHP series.

Modernizing Legacy Applications in PHP by Paul M. Jones

I’ve seen a talk by Paul M. Jones about the same topic before and I really enjoyed it. Therefore, I had high expectation about this book. They were fulfilled. Here’s the talk:

The talk gives you a good idea about what is covered in the book. However, the book goes a lot more in-depth. He shows the pitfalls, the small little problems which could occur.

The author writes very fluff-less and pragmatic. I like his style and his approach. He doesn’t preach from a high throne but rather is your companion on your journey. Someone who walked the path before.

I also liked the Q&As after each chapter which shortly talked about some deviations from the average case.

It’s a short book but it’s awesome! I would definitely recommend it if you have to maintain a legacy application in PHP.

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